The Sanctuary

THE Sanctuary @ Studio RubedO

Brian Schorn has 13 years of meditation experience including training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, and Shamanism. ph0to: Brian Schorn

a sanctuary for meditation & its practice, transmuting confusion into clarity for the benefit of all

THE Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an integral and complimentary space within Studio Rubedo LLC. It seeks to provide the community with a sanctuary for meditation practice, personal development, and general well-being through a variety of programs including, open meditation sessions, individual meditation instruction, weekend retreats, contemplative arts programs, music performances, poetry readings, and video screenings.


Studio Rubedo Meditation is host to a weekly gathering of open-minded individuals interested in meditation practice and discussion generated from it. Each session consists of bowing practice, a wide range of meditation practice and instruction, discussion based on meditation and/or selected readings, offerings of music, poetry, art, movement, and personal stories. The group is facilitated by Brian Schorn, and each week different group members are encouraged to lead discussions and meditations based on their own personal interests. All spiritual traditions are welcome. Join us!

NOTE: The group is currently not meeting while the new location undergoes construction and renovation. Check HERE to see when the Meditation Group starts back up in the new location.

brian schorn’s MEDitation training

Ecospirituality Coaching Certification Course (upcoming|
teacher: Charlton Hall at Mindful Ecotherapy Center

Joy of Living 3: Awakening Wisdom (upcoming)
teacher: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche at Tergar

Bodhisattva Training (upcoming)
teacher: Pema Khandro Rinpoche at Ngakpa International

YogaRenew 200-Hour Teacher Training (in-progress)

Meditation Teacher Training with Certification
teacher: Pema Khandro Rinpoche at Ngakpa International

Joy of Living 2: Opening the Heart
teacher: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, George Hughes, Kelly Ekman at Tergar

Joy of Living 1: Calming the Mind
teachers: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Kasumi Kato, Holger Yeshe at Tergar

Introduction to Meditation
teacher: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche at Tergar

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training Certificate based on the program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
teacher: Dave Potter at Palouse Mindfulness

Unified Mindfulness Core Training Program
teacher: based on teachings of Shinzen Young

Always Smiling Part I and II, Mind Training Through Lojong
teacher: Lama Tsomo at Namchak

Various workshops with Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Anam Thubten Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Lama Willa Miller, Lama Surya Das, John Tarrant Roshi, Joan Sutherland Roshi, Acharya Gaylon Ferguson, Tara Brach

Meditating with the Body (based on teachings by Reggie Ray)
teacher: Tami Simon

Mukpo Institute Student Residency at Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center, Barnet, VT
— a 3-month residency in contemplative community living with intense Shambhala study and practice including:

Shambhala Training Level I–III
teacher: Acharya Arawana Hayashi

Taming the Mind
teacher: Robert Lamprey

Abhidharma: Clarifying the Appearances of Mind
teacher: Benoît Côté

Walking the Bodhisattva Path
Acharya Emily Bower

28-day Dathun (a month-long meditation retreat)
teacher: Jenny Bondurant 

Shambhala Art I–III
teachers: Acharya Arawana Hayashi and Marsha Shibata

Authentic Presence Leadership Training
teachers: Acharya Suzann Duquette and Jane Aarthur

Traditional Chinese Qi Gong Level I–II
teacher: Ashe Acharya John Rockwell

Shambhala Training Level IV–V
teacher: Ashe Acharya John Rockwell

Emotional Wisdom: The Five Wisdom Energies
teacher: Irini Rockwell

Meditation Instruction
teacher: Acharya Michael Greenleaf

Engaging Wisdom and Compassion (2-day teaching)
teacher: H. H. Dalai Lama

Buddhism and Art
teachers: Gelek Rinpoche, Philip Glass, Bobby McFerrin and Richard Gere

Land Steward Intern Staff at Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, CO
—a 3-month residency of land stewardship and wisdom teachings including:

Shambhala Training Level I
teacher: Adana Barbieri

Mind of Enlightenment
teacher: Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche

Healing Mind
teacher: Tulku Thondup

Journeys of the Soul, Pathways of the Heart
teachers: Paula Givan and Gary Caudill (senior students of Oscar Miro-Quesada, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition)

Lakota Sweat Lodge Ceremony
teacher: Jim Tolstrup

Journey of the Open Heart: (6-month apprenticeship)
teacher: Kate Durda (Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

Shamanism: A Spiritual Practice for Everyday Life
teacher: Kate Durda (Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Practice & Weekly Drum Circle
teacher: Gwen Faasen 


Habitat for Humanity Northeast Michigan

Hope Shores Alliance

Hospice of Michigan

Meditation SURVEY

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