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“Strabismus" Book

Strabismus cover
Strabismus back
Strabismus interior.jpg
Strabismus cover
Strabismus back
Strabismus interior.jpg

“Strabismus" Book

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Strabismus is Brian’s first full-length book of poems published by Burning Deck press in 1995. The book was also designed by Brian Schorn. Also the poems in this book were written by looking at images including the collage novels of Max Ernst and Ed Fella, Vincent Van Gogh’s last painting and retinal photographs. “Strabismus” is the medical term for a condition commonly known as “wandering eye,” where one eye wanders and focuses on something different. In this case, one eye is on the words, while the other is looking at an image. This simultaneous activity generated the poems in Strabismus.


Materials: 64 pages on 55 lb. Glatfelter paper (acid-free)
Printing: off-set at McNaughton & Gunn in Saline, MI
Binding: smyth-sewn into paper covers
Dimensions: 9”x6”
Edition: 1000
Publisher: Burning Deck Press in Providence, RI


NOTE: Unfortunately, Burning Deck recently retired the press. As a result, the last remaining copies for sale are only available here.


Entering Poetic Blindspots (13
Forty Crows From the West (14
Eye Or an Unexpected Storm (16

I–LX (19–40

Royal Stimulus Under Surveillance (43
Egg (Partly Human) (44
Appropriate Bird Cage (45
Looked In There With Plenty of Oxygen (46
Blister Pak (47
A Pointing Cumulonimbus (48
The Same Hello Well Within His Pocket (49
Metallurgical Love Claw (50
Armlessness Or Else (51
Billiards Loosely Played (52
Flying Lesson Labelled Worms (53
Basic Geometry (54
Rumination Turns Up a Steady Flow (55
An Unprepared Still-Life for Today (56
Ring Around the Rosy Wrong (57
A Painting Called Handshake With His Own Iris (58
Mechanism Defined by Force (59
A Baby Astronomy (60
The Pulp of Silly Shipwrecks (61