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Shiny/Dirty: An Impermanence Mantra

Shiny Dirty crop.JPG
Shiny Dirty crop.JPG

Shiny/Dirty: An Impermanence Mantra


Impermanence is a challenging subject that acknowledges everything is always changing. Nothing is permanent. Something new becoming old inevitably changes from something shiny to something dirty. “Shiny/Dirty: An Impermanence Mantra" originated from a dirty rag found in a desert arroyo. The orange-dotted grid pattern in contrast to the organic mud stains encouraged the comparison between shiny and new golden beads to a dirty and old discarded rag. The repetitive act of pinning beads to the dotted grid pattern is also akin to a visual form of mantra (a repetitive utterance used to aid in sacred practices).


Materials: found wood, used rag, beads, pins acrylic, rust
Dimensions: 21.75"x16.5"x2"
Edition: original, one-of-a-kind artwork
Installation: ready-to-hang wire