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“-PEDIAfile: a6" Broadside

PEDIAfile broadside cu.jpg
PEDIAfile broadside.jpg
PEDIAfile broadside cu.jpg
PEDIAfile broadside.jpg

“-PEDIAfile: a6" Broadside

from 20.00

“-PEDIAfile: a6” is a poem written by Brian Schorn that is taken from a larger series that uses an old set of encyclopedias as source material for a poetic generation technique called “end reading.” Fragments from the beginnings and ends of lines are selected from the text to construct poems.


Materials: gray cover stock with linen texture
Printing: 3-color letterpress (black, brown, and purple)
Binding: single broad sheet
Dimensions: 11”x8.5”
Edition: limited-edition, unknown quantity
Publisher: Paradigm Press in Providence RI