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A Beginner's Guide to the Animal Kingdom


A Beginner's Guide to the Animal Kingdom


“A Beginner's Guide to the Animal Kingdom" uses small engravings from an old science book's A to Z glossary of animal species. Each image was selectively cropped into a 1" circle, revealing each animal's most characteristic features. Then, each image was set into strips of cedar. The strips are arranged left to right from A to Z with all animals starting with an A appearing on the A strip and so on. Each strip hangs freely and can be removed from the support base. On the back of each strip of cedar is the particular animal's scientific name. As a result, the work is also a fun, interactive learning game. The length of each strip of cedar and its number of animals is representative of the frequency of animals starting with its corresponding letter.


Materials: found wood, hardware, collage, acrylic
Dimensions: 32”44”x3”
Edition: original, one-of-a-kind artwork
Installation: ready-to-hang wire


The correct identification of each animal will be provided to whomever buys this work. The answers will be listed on a paper copy as well as printed on the back of each piece of wood.