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108 Malas for 108 Kleshas

108 Malas.JPG
108 Malas.JPG

108 Malas for 108 Kleshas


“108 Malas for 108 Kleshas" presents 11,664 total knots tied into 108 rope lengths with 108 knots tied into each rope. The Buddhist mala contains 108 prayer beads and is commonly used to count repetitive mantra recitations, similar to the Christian rosary. There are 108 kleshas or mental states that cloud the mind and manifest unhealthy actions. The repetitive act of tying each knot or bead on a mala is an acknowledgment of the mental state for each klesha. In effect, it is a form of meditation that repeatedly confronts the challenges of our mental states in an attempt to attain greater clarity and wisdom. Therefore, during the process of tying the knots, boredom, groundlessness, fear, physical pain, doubt, agitation, and discouragement were openly embraced with courage and bravery.


Materials: wood, rope, acrylic
Dimensions: 56”50”x6”
Edition: original, one-of-a-kind artwork
Installation: ready-to-hang wire