Downtown Alpena Businesses


Downtown Alpena Businesses

In addition to viewing Brian’s art at Studio Rubedo Art Gallery, his work is also on display in various businesses at the Center Building located in Downtown Alpena, MI. Stop by to see them in-person and, while you’re there, get a bottle of wine and a spinal adjustment.

  1. Thunder Bay Winery (first floor)
    Rope or Snake, mixed media, 24"x21"x3," $895
    Nail Collection,
    mixed media, 7.25"x22.25"x2.5," $590

  2. Higgins Chiropractic (second floor)
    Spine, mixed media, 6”x50”x2,” $560

Special thanks to Thunder Bay Winery and Higgins Family Chiropractic
for their support of local art and artists.

“Rope or Snake” and “Nail Collection” on exhibit at Thunder Bay Winery in the Center Building in downtown Alpena, MI.

“Spine” (detail) on exhibit in the office of Higgins Family Chiropractic at the Center Building in downtown Alpena, MI.